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Unity box turns iPhone into an IR remote

Michael Gray

The UnityRemote box sits on your coffee table or some other centrally located place in your living room. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, Unity takes orders from your iPhone and transmits those commands through an IR beam to any other IR device in your living room. This includes your television, cable box, home theater system and just about everything that makes up your home viewing experience.

The Unity has an app you plunk on your iPhone to accomplish all this, but the app lets you do more than just send single commands to your home theater system. You can create macro commands, called "actions," that will follow a series of pre-programmable instructions to your system. For example, if you want an "action" to "turn on the TV, then flip to the Blu-ray player and play whatever disk is loaded," the Unity can do that.

The Unity seems like it's a lot of fun, and since it's priced at a mere US$100, it seems like something most of us could enjoy in our living room.

[via Wired]

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