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Huawei's HIC tablet for Vodafone has all the beauty of an industrial-grade nav unit

Chris Ziegler

Considering the cheap plastics and giant white logos, our first thought when we saw this unflattering shot in the FCC's filing system was that we were looking at some sort of connected navigation unit for delivery trucks -- but alas, as far as we can tell, the so-called HIC is a "tablet" from Huawei that doubles as a phone for Vodafone. Besides a triband 3G radio, this hot mess gets you a 7-inch WVGA display, a front-facing camera for video calls, and an integrated kickstand around back for setting it on a countertop. The style of the power adapter leads us to believe that the HIC might be intended for permanent use in your home, which would explain why it bears so little resemblance with something we'd want to carry around -- but still, couldn't they have made it a little prettier? No word on when (or to which of Vodafone's markets) it'll be coming.

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