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HTC HD2 gets a stable stock Android build for internal storage

Chris Ziegler

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Running Android on HTC's venerable HD2 is old hat -- but historically, you've had to run it off microSD storage, which isn't an optimal situation for an operating system you might hope to use as your primary. Now we've finally got what appears to be the first solution allowing you to drop a nearly stock build of Android on the HD2's internal NAND memory, freeing up external storage for your usual collection of family photos, showtunes, and PowerPoint presentations left over from your WinMo 6.5 days. We've no doubt that this hack is a little dicey -- especially considering the herculean level of hacker effort that went into making it happen -- but if you've got an HD2 lying around that needs a new lease on life, it might be worth a shot.

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Source: xda-developers
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