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MacBook Pro appears on Amazon's 2010 bestseller list


The iPhone and the iPad both made eBay's "top-shopped" list for the year, but neither of those devices are sold on Amazon, so they weren't to be found on the big online retailer's annual list of bestselling items. The Kindle was, of course -- it's Amazon's own e-reader, and it was both the bestselling and most wished-for item on the site in the Electronics category.

But while Apple's iOS devices didn't make the list, there was one major Apple item that did. In the Computers category, the MacBook Pro with the 13.3" screen scored as both the bestselling and most wished-for item. Apple's excellent laptop appears to be the computer of choice for Amazon shoppers. The only other specifically Mac item on the list was the Mac/Windows version of Photoshop, which was the most gifted item in the software category (Microsoft Office was the bestselling item in that category).

One smartphone did make the bestselling list, and it was the Samsung Captivate Android phone (again, probably only because the iPhone isn't for sale on Some of the other items on the list are funny, too -- who knew so many people needed Donut Shop K-Cups? For work coffee, you think?

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