Eye-Fi announces Direct Mode link between digital cameras, smartphones

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Eye-Fi announces Direct Mode link between digital cameras, smartphones

The Eye-Fi card, that miniscule mashup of Wi-Fi and memory card, will soon be able to send photos directly from your digital camera to your smartphone. TUAW has reported on these SD cards before, most recently when the company announced the Geo-X2 card's availability at Apple retail stores.

In the past, using an Eye-Fi provided a fast way to share high-resolution photos once you were near a Wi-Fi hotspot, but if you were out of range of Wi-Fi, you were stuck with the lower-resolution photos from your smartphone camera. Eye-Fi has announced Direct Mode, which uses new technology in the cards and a free Eye-Fi mobile app that will let users send photos directly to their smartphones for sharing. Think of this as tethering a digital camera directly to the Eye-Fi View service through an iPhone -- it's a great way to back up photos immediately to the user's Eye-Fi View account.

The app and the Direct Mode firmware update will be available later this year for free.

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