AT&T demos U-verse / smartphone integration, ComplemenTV iPad app at CES

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.05.11

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AT&T demos U-verse / smartphone integration, ComplemenTV iPad app at CES
Looks like AT&T will be pushing out more than just a dozen Android phones here at CES. During the outfit's Developer Summit, Peter Hill, VP of ecosystem and innovation, demonstrated how U-verse Mobile Application Development Technology can effectively enable a mobile device to interactively share media, content and apps with the TV. In theory, this could lead to the creation of apps that will enable AT&T customers to control more of the U-verse TV experience with their handsets, and possibly vice-versa. In his words, the tech "can easily connect mobile devices to set-top boxes via WiFi," and it'll complement DLNA with authentication. At the Summit, a brief demo saw an iPad app schedule a show and control the U-verse DVR, and a brand new option -- dubbed ComplemenTV -- took center stage. Essentially, the iPad was able to look at what channel was being viewed and then delivered relevant extra content on the iPad. Sounds more like an advertiser's dream than anything else, but we're holding out hope for more enticing uses in the near future. Unfortunately, no dates were given as to when this stuff would be rolled out, but the future's looking bright, anyway.
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