Live from Samsung's CES 2011 press event

History lesson: last year at its CES 2010 press event, Samsung introduced 3DTVs, Android phones, and the NX10 "hybrid DSLR." It's been a helluva year for the company, some 10 million Galaxy S handsets later. We've already seen the Infuse 4G this morning, HDTVs last night, and the NX11 last week, so what other surprises are in store? Let's find out together!

2:50PM And we're done! Looks like we'll be going to tomorrow's keynote as well, given all the teasers. Thanks for following along!

2:49PM The central station. Attached wireless USB 3.0 hub and display. Auto-activates when laptop is within three feet. Ultra-thin

2:46PM Sliding PC 7 Series. the keyboard slides under to "transform" to and from a laptop and keyboard. Baxter: "I think you have what they'd call..." drumroll, please... "a tablet PC." It does look really slick.

2:44PM 400 nit brightness, 1,300:1 contrast ratio, 16 million color reproduction. Fast Start SSD drive. 12 second fast booting, three-second wake up. "Something I guess we could all do on that Monday morning."

2:43PM Duralumin is an alloy twice as strong as aluminum. USB 3.0, WiFi.

2:42PM Samsugn Notebook 9 series. World Class ultrathin. 2.89lbs. and 0.5-inch depth. Advanced material Duralumin.

2:41PM "There's a business capability here, too." 3D Power Points!!!!

2:41PM 3D LED monitors. SA950 and SA750 both sport more unique stands -- the 950 to the far right.

2:40PM Every time we hear someone say This Smarter Life, we can't help but think of This American Life or This Sporting. Anyway, Doug Albregts, VP of Enterprise Business Division for Samsung Electronics America, is up.

2:38PM Smart Access UI. Drag-and-click operation. "App style icons!"

2:38PM Q10 full HD camcorder. BSI CMOS has double sensitivity of standard CMOS. 180-degree switch grip for the south paws in the world.

2:37PM WB210. 12x optical zoom. 21mm super wide shot. 3.5-inch touchscreen.

2:37PM SH100. The Fourth-generation wireless camera. 3-inch touchscreen LCD, 802.11n WiFi. Android smartphone can be used as a remote. Auto PC backup over WiFi.

2:36PM Time for digital imaging. First up is the ST700 dual view shooter. 1.8-inch front screen.

2:36PM Omar exits. "We'll be sure to get you back those phones soon... not." Oh, Baxter.

2:35PM Samsung Infuse 4G. You know, the one with the 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus display we saw this morning. Android 2.2, despite how happy they were to talk up Gingerbread just seconds ago. So it goes.

2:34PM Omar is reflecting on Nexus S and the merits of Gingerbread, which we can only wish would lead to more Gingerbread updates on the horizon.

2:33PM That's Android 2.2, by the way.

2:33PM Galaxy Player, first Google-certified smart player, supports Android market. 4-inch Super LCD

2:32PM WiFi-only Galaxy Tab in Q1 2011. We're not seeing any cosmetic changes.

2:31PM Samsung Apps for mobile now available in 118 countries.

2:31PM CBS is bringing some of its highest-rated programs to purchase either per-episode and full season packages: CSI, NCIS, Good Wife, and Survivor.

2:30PM He's talking up the Galaxy S / Tab Media Hub. Average user returning weekly to download new content.

2:29PM (Looks up the connection has picked up, knock on aluminum.) Time for Omar Khan, Chief Strategy Officer for telecommunications and all around righteous dude.

2:27PM HT-D6730W audio. Syncs 3D sound with video. Vertical sound cascading.

2:26PM BDD 7500 Blu-ray player. "World's thinnest 3D blu-ray player." Three second boot time. 2D-to-3D conversion, upconversion to HD.

2:26PM "One additional cool accessory, which I can't say because I'm sworn to secrecy, will be announced tomorrow." Oh, you tease.

2:25PM New 3D glasses that couple with Tim Baxter's haircut to give the appearance of Hugo Weaving as The Agent from Matrix. Fit over regular specs. A Skype camera is also coming, along with new mounts for the LED TVs.

2:24PM A full touchscreen remote device that allows you to watch a different programs than what's on screen, along with a QWERTY keyboard for messaging.

2:23PM Version 2.0 of the SDK now available for download.

2:23PM The developer got $200,000. Gym Box got 2nd, Armchair Astronaut was 3rd, and New Mote (the social TV listings) won readers' choice.

2:22PM "I think that's as close to you and will get to [hosting the Oscars]." "Speak to yourself." "Oh, I think I will." Oh, you two. You slay us! The winning app is We Draw, by the way.

2:21PM Armchair astronaut (hi-def space exploration), a workout app, a "social TV" experiences with badges, WeDraw (pictionary-esque).

2:20PM "It's not the race to get the most apps, it's a race to get the right apps." The $500,000 Free the TV developer challenge. Let's have a look at some of the finalists.

2:19PM Digital appliances, smart grid initiative. A smart fridge with LCD screen and connectivity. A web calendar, photo albums, note pads, and we think we saw Epicurious.

2:18PM Back on the Smart TV downloads figure. New feature: Search All. It works across the apps and DLNA-connected content. Program recommendations are coming, too.

2:15PM Metallic border on Series 8, a tad more bezel on the 7. One full inch added of picture without adding to the exterior dimensions.

2:14PM And would ya look at that, there's almost no bezel on these series 7 and series 8.

2:13PM 65 percent of 3DTVs sold were 55 inches and above. Two-thirds are Smart TV. Now we're being shown three new flagship TVs.

2:11PM "3DTV growth of about 1 million units will surpass first-year sales of DVD, HDTV, and Blu-ray." Expect 3D to grow to 6 million units in 2011 (not just Samsung). Smart TV expected to be 9 million.

2:10PM Joining him to talk shop is John Revie, SVP of the Consumer Business Division. They talked sports, traded pre-arranged barbs. It was cute, sort of. But on with the show.

2:09PM We're now being shown a video ad for Sammy's lineup. Phones, cameras, 3DTVs, and flying cartoon birds. And Smarter Life 2010 begins with President of Consumer Business Division Tim Baxter.

2:07PM The agenda for 2011? Smart! Smart experiences, smart connections. We can expect some of Samsung's 37 innovation award-winning products to show us in the next 40 or so minutes.

2:03PM You've definitely heard this at least once before, but Samsung has become the lead seller of all Android devices in the US, racking up over 10 million Galaxy S sales worldwide in the process.

2:03PM "Today you'll hear about our plans to expand the overall 3D ecosystem." Anyone surprised? Onto Samsung apps: more than 1.5 million downloads, more than 300 applications.

2:02PM 3DTV sales have surpassed 1 million in US market already

2:01PM "When we were here last January, one of the big things we were talking about is the new paradigm of 3D."

2:01PM Mr. David Steele is first up. Just a warning: the connection here is mighty terrible, so apologies in advance if we don't provide the usual deluge of images.