Samsung's RMC30D universal Touch Control TV remote touts three-inch display, iPhone glam

You know that Touch Control TV remote that Sammy's throwing in with its 2011 line of HDTVs? Here it is in person, and dare we say it's one of the most striking factory remotes that we've ever seen. Hard to say without touching if it it really has the chops to go toe-to-toe with our favorite Harmony remotes, but it's definitely superior to anything that LG, Sharp and Sony are tossing in with their sets these days. The unpriced RMC30D itself has a three-inch touch panel on top, where you can control the settings on your television and any AV component nearby that you have programmed in. And before we go too far, let's go ahead and point out that it looks almost exactly like an iPhone 4. Now that we've addressed the elephant in the room, we'd like to point out that the AllShare function allows it to control and play content from DLNA sources, and users are encouraged to enjoy YouTube and Skype voice calls while they're kicking back with their best of buds. Naturally, a virtual QWERTY keyboard is available for searching, and while it's designed to play nice with the D7000 series and up, the "universal remote" tag gives us no reason to believe that this wouldn't work with other sets, too. We're keeping our ear to the ground for more -- we won't rest until we know if this thing uses IR or Bluetooth. For what it's worth, it'll start shipping at some point during 1H 2011.

Update: Our original (Samsung-provided) image is evidently not at all what the final product will look like. Per Samsung's request, we have updated this post with the newer versions of the images.