Aion Myth Breakers examines crafting DP and manastones

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.11.11

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Aion Myth Breakers examines crafting DP and manastones
After failing to proc master crafting and miragent armor recipes on multiple occasions, Aion players naturally gravitate towards superstition, luck, and the equivalent of in-game urban legends in order to deal with the nightmare that is high-level crafting in the world of Atreia. One of those legends concerns the supposed effects of a full Divine Power (DP) bar on crafting success. This particular myth is thoroughly debunked in the second installment of Victor Shugo's Aion Lab: Myth Breakers, an ongoing series that provides statistical data regarding some of Aion's mechanics.

In addition to laying the crafting DP myth to rest, this edition examines the loot drop rates for Draupnir Cave and Commander Bakarma and also provides a success rate table for level 50 and 60 manastones. So the next time you shake a fist at the Seraphim lords over a failed socketing attempt, rest assured that statistically speaking, you're bound to do better next time.
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