HTC 7 Pro arriving on O2 Germany 'next week,' priced at €569

Vlad Savov
V. Savov|01.11.11

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Last we heard of the HTC 7 Pro, it was taking a casual stroll through O2 Germany's website, throwing around boasts that it'll be on sale come January 2011. Well, guess what? That promise has just been reiterated by O2's German Twitter stream, which says that the 7 Pro will be on sale next week for an unsubsidized price of €569 ($735). That's available via O2's usual MyHandy payment plan, where you dish out €29 in advance and then pay off the phone in equal monthly payments over two years. We can't imagine HTC leaving the rest of the world sitting idly by, twiddling their QWERTY keyboard-loving thumbs, so look out for this WP7 handset to filter through to your local market some time soon.

[Thanks, Mario]

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