Modder changes iPhone tilt controls to joystick controls

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Modder changes iPhone tilt controls to joystick controls
We've seen modders and peripheral manufacturers alike try to make gaming on the iPhone's glossy, contextless touch screen a bit more tangible, but we've never seen anything quite like this. Shane Wighton of Mechanically Inclined has managed to turn an ordinary Arduino, a webcam, some motors and a metal frame into a ... well, we're not sure if there's a name for it yet, because "Remote Gyroscopic Movement Controller Suspension System" seems just a tad wordy.

The device allows you to tilt your iPhone with precision using a remote controller, which would hypothetically not only change your strategy when you're desperately grasping for that high score in Tilt to Live, but also change the title of the game entirely. Again, we'd need to workshop a new title, as Remote Gyroscopic Movement etc. to Live doesn't exactly drip right off the tongue. Wighton hopes to program the machine to play the game by itself, which we think we can all agree is terrifying. Until then, check out a video of this clever, verbose mod after the jump.

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