TUAW metaliveblogs the Verizon event. Here's hoping for iPhones

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TUAW metaliveblogs the Verizon event. Here's hoping for iPhones
On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the (11-10)th month in the 2000+11th year, Verizon finally gets its iPhone. Maybe. (After all, they may just be having service upgrades or something boring like that.) And TUAW is there.

Greatest thing ever? Or -- if this really goes down -- simply another small accomplishment of the marketing behemoth that is iPhone. You tell us. Our comments are open, and you're welcome to join in the discussion.

Today, we're meta-liveblogging the event, updating this post with info, facts and opinion as this event rolls out. Keep refreshing the post, as we'll regularly be updating it with newer updates towards the top.

11:33 If you enjoyed this live coverage and want to see more of the same, please pop by our feedback page and let our producers know. As always, we thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend with TUAW. We are nothing without our readers, and we appreciate every one of you!

11:32 Okay TUAWians, we're going to wrap up the coverage now. This was short, sweet and a lovely surprise for us all.

11:31 Megs: But, I think enough people may jump ship to where it'll ease the capacity. Erica: Hardly a win for AT&T then

11:31 RichG: I think AT&T are in a bind -- I doubt they introduced those data caps lightly, IO think they really were sttuggling with network capacity

11:31 I wonder if this will impact sales of MyWi

11:30 TJ Luoma: They're talking now about a tethering app. Will it be available to AT&T customers?

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11:30 Megs raises her hand

11:29 TUAW Steve: So, anyone think that AT&T is suddenly going to allow unlimited tethering?

11:28 Apple's website has been updated

11:27 Dave W: "Anyone think that VZW will get the iPhone 5 later than AT&T? VZW will only have the iPhone 4 for a few months with an iPhone 5 expected June/July??"

11:27 "When will there be an LTE iPhone?" Verizon: "No comment."

11:27 Rich G: There are combined CMDA/GSM baseband chips. Antenna engineering is tougher but doable.

11:27 Mike J: I could even see Apple at some point offering a multi-network phone with different radios that can be enabled at the firmware level.

11:27 "Can I use my iPhone 4 while traveling abroad? Yes, customers can use iPhone for voice and text in over 40 countries with data service in over 20 countries." Rich G: Oh wow, 20 countries?! Spoiled for choice. CDMA IS STUPID PEOPLE.

11:26 Via website: Can I go to an Apple store to purchase and activate the phone? Yes, beginning on February 10th, you can visit an Apple Retail store to purchase and activate. However, prior to visiting, please make sure to check your upgrade eligibility if you are an existing Verizon Wireless customer.

11:25 "Is the CMDA iPhone exclusive to Verizon?" No.

11:24 2 year agreement required if you don't buy full price. AT&T customers will need to buy a new phone.

11:24 iPhone Verizon FAQ

11:23 "Will it have a one year refresh cycle?" Cook: "We don't comment on that."

11:22 Verizon Web Page: "AN EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY FOR VERIZON WIRELESS CUSTOMERS Get an iPhone 4 from our reserved quantity before they're available to everyone else. Sign up for more details."

11:21 Rich G: You'll be able to purchase contract-free at full retail price without agreement

11:20 Engadget: Question about manufacturing

11:20 Kelly H: Mobile hotspot is normally $20 on VZW, on top of the current data plan which is $30. The only handset with free mobile hotspot until now has been Palm Pre Plus.

11:19 Tim and Dan are doing a Q&A session now. So short and sweet. I really like covering Verizon now!

11:18 With AT&T and their tethering fussiness, can I mention how FREAKING HUGE an included Mobile Hotspot is? Can I? Tethering is generally 1 to 1. Mobile hotspot? That's just brilliant.


11:17 $199 for 16 GB

11:16 iPhone page is now live at Verizon

11:15 Dave C points out that the black insulator band has moved... Maybe the signal issues won't be as bad

11:15 Verizon has been scaling their supply chain to accommodate the expected iPhone demand.

11:14 Rich G: "That's interesting that Apple stood there and let them say it was the most reliable. Tricky for Apple."

11:13 Cook: This is just the beginning of our relationshp with Verizon. Optimistic about future. Here's Dan Dee to talk about the launch. (Thanks, Engadget feed!)

11:13 Rich G: AAPL really hasn't moved yet but don't forget that public feeds lag by 5-15 minutes

11:12 5 MP camera, custom A4 chip, integrated customer experience

11:12 Cook: We've designed a CDMA iPhone and it's got all the features you expect like Retina display. No word yet about horrendous signal strength/antenna

11:11 Gunn, I mean Cook, is saying nice things about billions of apps, happy customers, shiny iPhone love

11:11 TJ Luoma, I can imagine 'The Macalope: "That's it, thanks for coming everyone!"'

11:11 Rich G points out that you should not expect Verizon handsets to interoperate with AT&T.

11:10 TJ Luoma "The guy from Bravo? No wait. That's Tim Gunn"

11:09 It's not Steve J but we are getting COO Tim Cook from Apple at this event. What does that mean? No Booms, and Apple maybe doesn't think this is a prestige enough event to merit its CEO.

11:08 TUAW math says "Expect iPhone in early February"

11:08 "Late in 2010 we started offering the iPad... today, we are extremely gratified to announce that the iPhone 4 will be available early next month."

11:07 Via Engadget "Our relationship with Apple has developed over the last two years. In 2008 we started talking about bringing the iPhone to a CDMA network. We spent a year testing." Wow. Talk about dating behind your current partner's back. Two years now? What about the children?

11:07 Oh yeah.

11:07 IT'S APPLE!!!!! "Today we're patterning with a gaint of the industry, Apple"

11:06 Verizon guy: We're building partnerships with LTE. Us: LTE? What?

11:06 He's talking about backhaul. TUAW Steve: "Baby's got backhaul!"

11:06 Collaboration is, apparently, the key to innovation. But collaboration with whom? Say it, Frankie, say it!

11:05 Steve: via Engadget: "We've built the most reliable 3G network... we recently launched LTE... now if you promise not to print this, with all the rebranding going on with old networks, we debated calling it 6G." Ha. BURN.

11:05 Mike R: "Hallmark is the Verizon of greeting cards"

11:04 Verizon dude is talking about how great broadband has become Verizon's schtick. TUAW Steve: "This is like listening to paint dry"

11:03 Rich G: "'Two innovators'.... like Verizon who MADE AN ENTIRE WIRELESS STANDARD because GSM smelt like hippie Europeans"

11:02 "Today two innovators are coming together."

11:02 Verizon dude: After CES, everyone is expecting digital lives whereever they go

11:02 Engadget: "Okay, it looks like you're expecting a big announcement. I don't think we'll disappoint. If the press write something long enough, eventually it comes true. We're very very excited about our announcement today."

11:02 In response to our little 11/11 Armistice joke, TUAW reader Mack adds "If this is a Verizon iPhone then I doubt there will be any armistice with AT&T. Quite the contrary - the ranging shots are already being fired."

11:01 It's about to begin. TUAW Steve: "Here we gooooooo!"

11:00 Over on Twitter, @axiic writes "Well if it turns out that way [no iPhone] there will be blood in the streets, i assure you :P"

10:59 Mike J "Ha! AT&T 4G ad on TUAW now"

10:58 Hilarious comment over at our big Sister Engadget: "We're seated next to the inimitable Michael Gartenberg. He keeps saying it's going to be a Kin 2 announcement."

10:56 Kelly H: "I wonder if there will be a CDMA iPad as well or if that will debut with the iPad 2"

10:55 Dave C: "AT&T stock is down 43 since the start of trading"

10:54 Lots of video coverage expected of the event, with many participants from major media outlets

10:52 TUAW Mike J adds "I'd love to see what would happen if they got up there and announced a new Android or something." Rich G responds: "My girlfriend just said the same thing!"

10:52 TUAW Steve mentions "Amusing that Engadget's live page has Sprint ads on right now..."

10:51 Journalists have been let in. Jazz music, Verizon logo.

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