Runes of Magic prepping Queensland flood relief effort

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|01.13.11

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Runes of Magic prepping Queensland flood relief effort
Today's feel-good story (if anything associated with the dreadful Queensland flooding can be termed feel-good) comes courtesy of N3V Games and F2P giant Runes of Magic. N3V, the game's Queensland-based publisher, has announced plans to assist flooding victims by donating half of the revenues from certain cash shop items to the relief efforts.

The special event begins this Saturday, January 15th, and ends on Sunday, January 23rd. Runes of Magic players can contribute to the clean-up efforts by purchasing star mounts or flame mounts (at a cost of 225 diamonds, or approximately US $12). N3V Games CEO Graham Edelsten explained his company's decision to lend a helping hand. "As a Queensland company we have many guys living in Brisbane who have been affected by the floods," he said. "This charity event is our way of showing our support for all of those affected by these unfortunate events."
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