White iPhone 4 shows up in Vodafone Germany's inventory system

Could it be that Apple and Foxconn engineers have finally found a way to harness and contain the raw, blinding power of the color white? Last we'd heard, the rarest member of the iPhone 4 clan was tracking for a spring '11 launch -- and that'd line up pretty nicely with shots we've received from a trusted source today showing new entries in Vodafone Germany's inventory system for weiß (white) iPhone 4s in both 16 and 32GB flavors. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean Vodafone has any idea when these phones are showing up on their doorstep -- maybe they're just preparing (and hoping) that it materializes before too long -- but for what it's worth, the source says to expect a launch "soon." If you've got a few hundred euro lying around, we suppose it'll be a good way to bide your time while you wait for an iPhone 5 launch in a few months, right?