Gears 'n' glory: MapleStory unveils the Mechanic

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|01.20.11

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Gears 'n' glory: MapleStory unveils the Mechanic
Nexon's MapleStory has been to the brink of the world's end and beyond with its Big Bang overhaul. Spread out over three significant updates, Big Bang started out with a game mechanics renovation in phase one and a pair of original classes in phase two, not to mention the addition of several new zones. Today, Nexon is happy to announce the onset of the third and final phase to this literal game-changer.

In phase three, titled "Birth of the Mechanic" in honor of the newest class in the game, MapleStory is rolling out one of the more unique MMO classes in the genre. Mechanics are pirate tank-drivers who ride into battle on their trusty mech steeds, unleashing robot minions and throwing out long-range damage while retaining the ability to heal themselves. Mechanics can also hit multiple targets at once, making the class an AoE-lover's dream.

Players wishing to honor the valiant Mechanic can raise their wrenches high on January 22nd and log into the game at precisely 2:00 p.m. PST to receive an SP Reset Scroll and a chance at a few other goodies. Hit the gallery below to check out the Mechanic in all his high-tech glory, and get caught up on Big Bang with our Crystin Cox interview!
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