Tilt to Live developer teases addition of multiplayer

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Tilt to Live developer teases addition of multiplayer
We've been working for months now to unravel the slimy tendrils of Tilt to Live from around our easily enraptured brain meats -- but if a recent tweet from developer One Man Left is any indication, all our toils might just have been for naught. The tweet in question teases, "A taste of things to come for Tilt to Live's next update," and links an image of a multiplayer loading screen, as seen above.

We're nervous about the possibility of incorporating a second player to the mix -- not because we think it'll ruin the game itself, per se, but it might diminish our competitive edge. Right now, our idea of "multiplayer" in Tilt to Live is picking one of our dear, dear friends that's higher on the leaderboards than us, and working our thumbs to the thumb-bones as we fiendishly attempt to overtake them.
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