VW confirms it will build hyper-efficient XL1, Autocar gets to drive one

VW confirms it will build 313mpg XL1 diesel, Autocar gets to drive one

Think the Volkswagen XL1 concept is too far out there to ever get built? Tell that to the blokes in Wolfsburg. German source Automobilewoche is reporting that executives Ferdinand Piech and Martin Winterkorn both confirmed that the car will be produced in small numbers, first for Germany and later coming to the US and China. It's powered by a diesel engine with less than one liter of displacement, managing 313mpg combined (that's Imperial, 260mpg using American units) putting out just 48hp and thankfully assisted by a 27hp electric motor. Not much, but enough for the 1,750lb car, which Autocar correspondent Milton Holloway got to drive and said feels "fully sorted" despite an engine that's a bit rattly. It is a diesel, after all.