Ricoh CX5 reviewed: only marginally better than the CX4

Well, isn't this just cute? If you'll recall, Ricoh's CX4 was found to only be "slightly superior" the CX3 that came before it (and the same with the CX2 / CX3 before that). Fast forward a few months, and it's the same song and dance all over again... but with different model numbers, of course. The fine folks over at Photography Blog recently put the similarly styled CX5 through its paces, and autofocus aside, it's essentially the same camera as the CX4. The lone standout feature on the new guy is the Hybrid AF feature, which most certainly improves autofocus times, but critics were quick to point out that the focus time on the CX4 was never really an issue to begin with. In fact, the following line just about sums it up: "The CX5 is virtually indistinguishable from the slightly older CX4 in terms of its design, image quality and feature set, with only the faster AF system to get truly excited about." Furthermore, the rest of the point-and-shoot world has evolved quite a bit during all of this time, making the CX5 an even less compelling option than the CX4 was during its own launch window. Feel free to hit the source link for the whole shebang, but don't expect to leave feeling any warmer about that impulse buy you just made.