Ricoh CX4 gets reviewed: slight improvement over the CX3

Well, it looks like Ricoh is still sticking to the if-it's-not-broke-don't-fix-it model with its CX series of cameras. Just as it found in its review of the CX3, Photography Blog says that the new CX4 model delivers some modest improvements over its predecessor, but likely not enough to warrant an upgrade -- or stand out from the competition, for that matter. The improvements this time around include some improved image stabilization, as well as a handful of new features like a multi-shot night landscape mode and subject-tracking AF, which both apparently work reasonably well. One of the other new changes also proved to be one of the camera's biggest drawbacks, however, as the reduced handgrip makes the CX4 harder to hold comfortably than earlier models. Hit up the source link below for the full review.