Palm TouchPad leaked: 1.5 pounds, 13mm thick, and just moments from official

According to PreCentral, Palm's forthcoming tablet -- which we suspect will be officially revealed in just a few hours -- will be dubbed TouchPad. They were able to sneak in and hear a few details during the event preparation session, enabling them to confirm that it'll weigh 1.5 pounds and measure 13mm thick (just as we'd heard). If those figures sound familiar, it's because a fledgling startup in Cupertino just so happens to have a slate that aligns exactly to those very specifications. Keep it locked right here for our impending liveblog -- we'll be bringing you the blow by blow as it goes down today in San Francisco.

Update: Robert Scoble seems to have let loose a bit of information as well, confirming that a 10-inch slate is indeed on the docket, as well as "the smallest little phone" he has ever seen. And before you think that's a positive attribute, he also mentions it being too small to be taken seriously, and definitely not as "a competitor for the iPhone or Android." Ouch. Guess we'll have to see for ourselves as the day develops.

Update 2: Oh, boy! The HP Veer, Pre 3 and TouchPad just leaked on HP's official site. We're cautiously optimistic that all these will be on sale later today.