Square has billboard in Times Square, still slowly delivering card readers

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Square has billboard in Times Square, still slowly delivering card readers

If you've been reading TUAW for any length of time, you've probably seen our posts about Square. This startup had the idea to develop a free credit card reader that could be used with an iPhone (later expanded to many phone models) or iPad, and provide a card authorization service with low enough rates that basically anyone in the U.S. could accept credit cards.

The service works very well; I've moved from a traditional credit card authorization service to Square, and I'm saving money in the process. However, an informal Twitter poll showed that there are still a number of people (including our very own Dave Caolo) who are still patiently waiting for their readers over a year after signing up. Not good.

That's apparently not keeping the company from shouting from the rooftops about how great their product is. The company received funding from a supporter to install a huge multi-panel billboard in New York's Times Square showing how anyone can accept credit cards with the Square reader and iPhone app. They've also teamed up with fashion designer Vivienne Tam to come out with a limited-edition high fashion card reader.

We're happy to see that you're going places, Square -- just be sure to keep sending out those card readers to all those people who are still waiting.

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