Girl Scouts using iPhones to sell cookies now

Bad news: the Girl Scouts have discovered an easier way to sell you those dangerously delicious cookies, and it's through an iPhone. Starting this year, the Girl Scouts of America will be taking payments for their annual cookie sales through Intuit's GoPayment app, available on iOS. That means that if you fall apart and give in to that Samoa craving at the grocery store when the little girls keep bugging you, you could see your credit card information punched straight into Apple's handheld. The organization is getting a break from Intuit on the credit card fees, and interested troops are getting a free reader to use during the cookie drive.

We've been seeing the iPhone used as a payment system in quite a few places, but outside of the Apple Store this will likely be one of the biggest tests of the solution so far. Just remember: while it might sound nice to have a Thin Mint box or two right now, those things disappear fast once you actually start eating them. Use and consume at your own risk.

[via 9to5Mac]