Open beta en route for Mythos Europe

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|02.27.11

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Open beta en route for Mythos Europe
If there's been a single unifying thread for our last several beta giveaways for Mythos Europe, it's been a wail of anguish that the keys have vanished quickly. (Like cheap beer on a college campus, if you'd like an analogy.) But while we can't conjure new keys out of thin air, we can console those unable to get one with the news that the open beta is on its way. On April 12th, the servers open to everyone for testing and enjoyment.

For the open testing phase, the level cap is being raised to 50, giving players the opportunity to explore new abilities and new zones. The game's third major area, Umbral Peaks, will be accessible in the last testing phase with the raised cap. Current beta players are also in luck, as servers have been added for several languages, including English, French, and Turkish. Mythos is getting closer and closer to launch, and starting April 12th, everyone gets to take part in putting on the final pre-launch testing polish.

[Thanks to Blake Linton Wilfong for the tip!]
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