GDC 2011: Allods Online orders a mega-patch with a launch on the side

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|03.03.11

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GDC 2011: Allods Online orders a mega-patch with a launch on the side
It's utterly bizarre to consider that Allods Online, for as long as it's been out and playable by the masses, has yet to leave the boundaries of open beta. As we mentioned yesterday, this is about to change, as gPotato announced that the next patch would finally bring the title to an official release.

And what a patch this is! Allods players will feast upon a gourmet meal with all the fixins, including a rise in the level cap from 42 to 47. This means that the talent grids are getting bigger as a result, so expect new skills and abilities across the board. Players will receive a talent point reset to let them rebuild their characters if so desired.

Check out 16 brand-new screenshots of the patch below, and hit the jump for an in-depth look at Allods' growth and illuminating videos!

With a higher level-cap comes an onslaught of new zones to challenge experienced players. At level 42, players can venture forth to Kirah, a unique area that actually sends you back in time to take a look -- like a movie prequel -- to how the story of the game developed. If you're a lore junkie, you'll fall in love with this concept.

By heading back to the past through the Whirlpool of Time (Hot Tub Time Machine anyone?), players will witness the initial demon invasion of the world and help the good guys fight off this attack so that history unfolds as it should. Never-before-seen monsters are part of this travel package, from the creepy-crawlies to the mighty horned ones. Afterward, the players will go back to the present, but it'll be a futuristic vision of the world.

One of the main goals in designing these new zones was to make them feel big and expansive. GPotato has six allods -- smaller areas -- also on the slate for release. Another huge part of the patch is a new 24-man raid that includes this same spacious layout.

Want more mounts? Allods' mega-patch has you covered. One of the features the team is experimenting with is letting you modify your mount's appearance through special items gained by adventuring. These 16 additional mounts will vastly expand Allods' previously meager menagerie.

If you want to get hitched, the patch's marriage system will let you hook up with that virtual sweetie for some matrimonial bliss. There's no word yet as to whether it comes with prenups or counseling.

As we reported, the vastly disliked Holy Charms -- paid items that kept your gear from getting "cursed" upon death -- are being offered for free, permanently, following negative player feedback of the system.

This mega-patch and Allods Online's official launch are scheduled for sometime this spring.

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