Trion extends RIFT's Founder Pricing options

Jef Reahard
J. Reahard|03.10.11

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Trion extends RIFT's Founder Pricing options
Trion Worlds has great news for RIFT fans who plan on playing the game for months at a time. The company is extending the availability window of its Founder's Pricing options for a further two weeks. The deal was originally slated to expire on March 15th, but subscribers can still select $9.99 six-month and $11.99 three-month plans if the purchase is made by March 31st.

The discount pricing is valid as long as you maintain an active subscription, and your payment method will be charged on a recurring basis as per MMO industry norms.

RIFT is a high-fantasy MMORPG featuring an ever-changing landscape, a unique Ascended Soul class system, and the ability to fight as a Guardian protector or a technomagical Defiant.
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