New video shows off DCUO's tech-based mentors

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New video shows off DCUO's tech-based mentors
Not every character in DC Universe Online is granted metahuman powers or magical abilities. Thankfully, for those who started out as average joes that simply want to do good (or evil), there's the technology powerset, which offers a plethora of control options. Currently, there are two technology mentors in DC Universe Online that can help put players' feet on the right path: Batman and The Joker.

While we've seen Batman and The Joker revealed long before the game launched, this newest video from SOE features Creative Director Jens Andersen giving us a bit more information about the two origin storylines that players have a chance to experience if they pick one of these two iconic characters as a mentor. So, if you've ever wondered what it might be like to right wrongs or create chaos on the darkened streets of Gotham, check out the shiny new DC Universe Online tech mentor video behind the break.

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