PAX East 2011: One Massive roundup

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|03.18.11

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PAX East 2011: One Massive roundup
PAX East has already begun fading into memory, but there was a lot to see and do over the three days of the convention. Even if we disregard the numerous fan gatherings and community events taking place, there were an awful lot of games on the floor, with showings from MMOs that dwarfed last year's offerings. If you were lucky enough to be there, we can only hope that you had fun and got to see all of the impressive displays.

Of course, you may very well have missed one or two things, what with all of the sound and lines and people walking around with a pixel costume. Even if you were sitting at home, you might have missed some of our coverage of this event. Just jump on past the break for a full recap of Massively's coverage of the con, covering everything from the venerable City of Heroes to the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic.
PAX East 2011: Hands-on with Nexon's Dragon Nest and Vindictus
Justin Olivetti got to play around with two of the newest free-to-play games to come out of Nexon.
Hi-Rez Studios unveils new Tribes: Ascend title
During the first day, Hi-Rez Studios unveiled another installment in the venerable and much-loved Tribes franchise.
PAX East 2011: Turbine makes the case for the free-to-play model
Fernando Paiz of Dungeons and Dragons Online discussed the transition of the game to its current successful free-to-play model.
PAX East 2011: Shipping up to Boston with City of Heroes
City of Heroes unveiled more details about upcoming plans at the newest panel about the game.
PAX East 2011: Stalking through DDO's Update 9
The next update to Dungeons and Dragons Online is said to take a step back from fantasy and a step forward into terror.
PAX East 2011: Delving LotRO dungeons deeply
Exploring the coming quintet of dungeons for Lord of the Rings Online.
PAX East 2011: Massively interviews RIFT's Scott Hartsman
Scott Hartsman discussed the success of RIFT, the perils that the launch faced, and the coming plans for the game.
PAX East 2011: Massively interviews Wizard101's Fred Howard
The kid-friendly MMO is due for more updates and more excellent content for players of all ages.
PAX East 2011: Hands-on with SWTOR's Taral V
Lary Everett and Eliot Lefebvre took the newest flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic for a spin.
Massively Speaking Episode 141: PAX East wrap-up
The crew from the show talked about what was exciting, what was fun, and what made the biggest impression.
PAX East 2011: Firefall, the non-MMO MMO
A sit-down discussion with Mark Kern about the most MMO-like game to not be an MMO.
PAX East 2011: The future of MMOs from the mouths of the developers
Gamers rarely agree on where the genre is going... do the developers behind them?

Massively was on the ground in Boston during the weekend of March 11-13, bringing you all the best news from PAX East 2011. Whether you're dying to know more about SWTOR or Guild Wars 2 or any MMO in between, you can bet we have it covered!
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