Sony crafting VAIOs with Chrome OS, external GPUs and Thunderbolt tech?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|03.19.11

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Sony crafting VAIOs with Chrome OS, external GPUs and Thunderbolt tech?
Sony's top-secret prototype labs must be clocking hours like mad, as Sony Insider reports that the company has two more surprises in store -- in addition to a PlayStation tablet, dual-screen clamshell and sliding PC, the skunk works has cooked up a Chrome OS notebook, as well as a "VAIO Hybrid PC" that defies any sort of meaningful explanation in just three words. The Chrome OS device is reportedly modeled after Google's own Cr-48 reference design with roughly the same dimensions and keyboard but an oh-so-slightly smaller 11.6-inch screen, and NVIDIA's Tegra 2 running the show alongside 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. Sony's also shooting for eight hours of battery life, and a weight of just 2.2 pounds.

All of that pales in comparison to what Sony's plotting for this "Hybrid PC," though. The publication says we're looking at a thin-and-light Core i7 notebook with an incredible 8 to 16.5 hours of battery life, Intel Thunderbolt and an internal SSD, all of which plugs into a dock of some sort that adds a Blu-ray burner and external graphics (by AMD) for gaming and multimedia. We don't have any pictures or proof at this point, but it sounds like a whopper of a tale, and just the sort of thing that Intel was talking about making possible with the 10Gbps of bandwidth that Thunderbolt brings.
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