Duke Nukem Forever's 'Capture the Babe' mode is a slap in the face

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Duke Nukem Forever's 'Capture the Babe' mode is a slap in the face
Finally, you can stop holding out hope for that Soylent Green game that'll enable the repeated, unnecessary slapping of women -- Duke Nukem Forever has it covered. According to the latest OXM, Duke's next outing features four multiplayer modes, one of which (Capture the Babe) features a "babe" who will sporadically "freak out," which then necessitates "a reassuring slap," as the mag puts it.

The piece attempts to reassure us -- thankfully sans slap -- that the act is "more goofy than offensive," though we're not sure how virtually slapping a "manic" female could be spun in an inoffensive way. Perhaps if your hand looked like the one in that Foo Fighters video for "Everlong," and her cheeks were actually balloons, and she was manic from eating too much sugar? We just don't know.

Additionally, details on Dukematch and Team Dukematch were revealed -- they're both deathmatch modes, basically. "Hail to the King" rounds out the multiplayer with a King of the Hill-style mode, and all modes are limited to eight players (four vs four). Only one mode, however, allows for domestic violence.

Update: The Redner Group clarified for us that Duke won't actually be slapping the "babe" in her face, as much as he'll be slapping her on the butt. That's MUCH more acceptable!
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