Microsoft serves up a 'NoDo' update schedule for Windows Phone 7 devices

Where is your Windows Phone 7 "NoDo" update? That's the question Microsoft is aiming to answer with a new spreadsheet it has cobbled together to detail the software status of all WP7 handsets released so far. A February preparatory patch and the long-anticipated first proper upgrade to the OS, herein titled merely "March update," are sat side by side, with a set of delivery states under them for each WP7 phone. Things aren't looking awesome in the US, where AT&T's batch is still undergoing carrier testing and T-Mobile's pair of phones are "scheduling" (which Microsoft says takes no more than 10 days), but news is better overseas, where most have received the February OTA and are mere days away from the final NoDo goodness. Sprint's HTC Arrive and AT&T's upcoming HD7S will both have that software preloaded, so at least new buyers won't have to fret unduly.

[Thanks, Arty]