HTC HD7S hands-on

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|03.22.11

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HTC HD7S hands-on
HTC's HD7 was certainly one of the most handsome devices to be launched back at Windows Phone 7's retail introduction late last year -- and really, when you take the HD2's heritage as your starting point, it's hard to go wrong. Of course, in the last year and a half, mobile display technology has advanced by leaps and bounds -- and the original HD7 was using nothing more than a standard, old-school TFT LCD with less-than-perfect contrast and viewing angle specs. Well, that's where the HD7S comes into play: the "S" in the name presumably stands for Super LCD, the newer type of display that HTC's been using on recent 4.3-inch models like the Thunderbolt. It's quite pretty, but otherwise, it's the same HD7 as usual -- and really, considering how nice this hardware is, that's just alright by us. The phone also comes with the so-called "NoDo" update of Windows Phone 7 preinstalled, a fact we were able to verify with a quick look of the version number being reported in system settings. Check it out in the gallery!
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