HTC HD7 finally gets NoDo, WP7 users revel in the splendor of copy / paste

Last week, Microsoft released a NoDo update schedule for all of its WP7 devices, and it looks like T-Mobile's sticking to the plan. That's right folks, T-Mobile's HTC HD7 owners are officially the first to get a crack at the OTANoDo download through the Zune software. T-Mo announced on its Twitter feed and website forum that the update has commenced, and our tipsters confirm that some have indeed already received the new software. The announcement states that users will only start getting the update today, and will get a pop-up notification telling them when its available. So if you haven't yet been hit with your dose of NoDo, rest assured that help is on the way.

Update: Quick clarification, T-Mobile customers will be getting OTA notifications, but must download the update using Microsoft's Zune software.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]