Sony's XDR-S16DBP wakes up from the DAB+ doldrums

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Thomas Ricker
April 1, 2011 6:40 AM
Sony's XDR-S16DBP wakes up from the DAB+ doldrums
Try as we might, we've never been able to get too worked up over DAB radio -- dab, just saying it rids the body of consciousness. But then we perked up after seeing the image above for Sony's retro-nouveau XDR-S16DBP micro -- a temporary burst of adrenaline nearly stifled by the more mundane XDR‑C706DBP clock radio found after the break. Both are compatible with the DAB+ digital broadcasting standard rolling out across Europe and offer ten DAB/DAB+ presets with an additional ten for FM. The £79 XDR-S16DBP portable brings a pair of 0.8W stereo speakers, a 16x2 character LCD display, sleep timer, and headphone jack while the compact XDR‑C706DBP is a more traditional DAB+/DAB/FM alarm clock with 0.4W speaker and 4 alarm presets. Both are available now.

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Sony introduces first DAB+ radios

Retro-styled XDR-S16DBP portable radio and XDR‑C706DBP clock radio

XDR-S16DBP portable radio with superb stereo sound and natural wood cabinet
XDR-C706DBP clock radio with large, clear display and four alarm settings

Two new DAB/DAB+/FM digital radios from Sony add more style to enjoying your favourite broadcasts.

Blending subtly retro looks with outstandingly crisp stereo sound, the AC‑powered XDR-S16DBP portable radio offers beautifully simple operation and handy features. There's no excuse for oversleeping with the compact XDR‑C706DBP clock radio that features a large, clear display and four alarms.

The XDR-S16DBP and XDR‑C706DBP are the first micro radios from Sony that offer compatibility with the enhanced DAB+ digital broadcasting standard that's now rolling out across several European countries. Thanks to a more efficient coding scheme, DAB+ lets listeners enjoy an even wider range of radio stations, plus crystal clear, interference free digital sound. Both models offer a generous choice of 10 DAB/DAB+ presets for storing your favourite digital radio stations, plus a further 10 FM presets.

XDR-S16DBP portable radio
The XDR-S16DBP makes a distinctive design statement with its elegantly rounded natural wood cabinet. Clean, timeless lines emphasize the radio's simple, uncluttered controls that assure easy operation.

DAB, DAB+ and FM broadcasts are reproduced with clear stereo sound from the 0.8W+0.8W stereo speakers. The generously-sized 16x2 character LCD display gives a clear readout of DAB/DAB+ channel and programme information.

A Sleep Timer switches off the radio after a preset delay, saving power after you're dropped off while listening in bed. There's also a headphone jack for enjoying your favourite radio shows in private without disturbing others.

XDR-C706DBP clock radio
A smart addition to any bedroom, the compact XDR-C706DBP DAB/DAB+/FM clock radio lets everybody wake up to their favourite sounds in style.

The large, clear LCD display ensures you always know the right time. Up to four separate alarm settings can be programmed – ideal if you and your partner keep different schedules. There's also a snooze button and sleep timer.

The new XDR-S16DBP DAB/DAB+/FM portable digital radio and XDR-C706DBP DAB/DAB+/FM digital clock radio by Sony are available now.
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