SYNC's second version off to a buggy start, Ford fixes with Ctrl-Alt-Delete

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With it being ordered in 80 percent of its 2011 models, SYNC's been a boon to Ford's bottom line, but it's not all peaches and cream for the Dearborn crew's connectivity platform. Our friends at Autoblog are reporting that the second generation of the infotainment software has a nasty little habit of restarting itself when something goes wrong with one of the applications. Doesn't sound like such a big deal, except these automatic reboots take several minutes (an eternity if you're relying on the GPS to get you around), and the system tends to misplace your indexed music and linked phone info while fixing itself. Apparently, the only other way to deal with such glitches is to take afflicted autos to a dealer for a full-on software reinstall or reinitialization -- why Ford and Microsoft went the Ctrl-Alt-Delete route instead of finding a more user-friendly solution, we'll probably never know. The Blue Oval boys claim that Autoblog's experience was atypical, but have nonetheless rolled out software updates to alleviate the problems. Hopefully, it's enough to stop SYNC systems from doing the Force Close dance.
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