Windows Phone 7 Connector v1.1 makes uncomfortable debut in Mac App Store

Zachary Lutz
Z. Lutz|04.03.11

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Mac users defying convention of their peers with Zune HD and Windows Phone 7 devices are in for a treat. After a long, drawn out beta release, Microsoft has unleashed Windows Phone 7 Connector into the Mac App Store. The handy utility, now at version 1.1, provides sync capability of all DRM-free media between Microsoft's latest portable devices and your Mac. Users may also update their WP7 software from the Connector, and sync to multiple Macs. Support for Apple Lossless audio is new to this release, along with an option to automatically launch the app when a supported device is connected. Snow Leopard is required admission for this freebie; Leopard users will need to bring their cat into the Snow if they're hoping to join the party. After shutting out Mac users for years, it's good to see Microsoft begin to right its ways. Now, if we could just get a similar outpouring of love for Zune Pass...
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