BlackBerry Bold Touch previewed in leaked tutorials: prepare to pinch-to-zoom (updated)

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|04.04.11

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BlackBerry Bold Touch previewed in leaked tutorials: prepare to pinch-to-zoom (updated)

A slew of leaked video tutorials for upcoming BlackBerry devices is finally giving us a glimpse into what RIM has in store to keep its diehard fans from ditching the platform. Among some more video of the all-touchscreen BlackBerry Monaco / Touch, we're finally seeing how the popular Bold form factor will benefit from some touchscreen magic in the aptly named Bold Touch. We're longtime fans of the traditional form factor, but if anything, the addition looks to be more trouble than it's worth. Like its sliding cousin, the Torch, touch input seems even more gimmicky given that all the same functions can be performed using the familiar (and beloved) optical trackpad -- which doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Sure, touchscreens are all the rage these days and pinch-to-zoom is nice, but we can't help but wonder if RIM is simply killing time until its dual-core QNX-equipped phones hit unsuspecting BBM'ers. Of course, the company has been impressing us with its use of touch on the Playbook, so there's no telling what it might have in store come BlackBerry World. You can peep the Monaco action after the break, or check out a torrent of others at the source link as well.

[Thanks, Reagan M.]

Update: Uh oh, looks like the original Monaco video got yanked, but fret not, as Crackberry has just posted some more clips -- we got one of the new ones after the break as well.

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