Dell Panerai convertible tablet leaks at FCC, could be part of Inspiron Duo family?

Sean Hollister
S. Hollister|04.08.11

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Since the very first day we saw the Dell Inspiron Duo's crazy swiveling hinge in action, we knew we wanted a laptop that swung that way -- but the Inspiron Duo itself turned out to be a sluggish netvertible with poor battery life. Well, it looks like Dell may be looking for a second chance, because a "Dell Panerai" just hit the FCC, which looks like might have sprung from the same minds who dreamt up the original's sexy frame. Believe it or not, we can thank Intel for revealing this Dell P12F and Canada for pointing out its convertible nature, because of a little-known test specifically designed for transforming tablets like these -- our northern neighbors require that hybrid laptop / tablet computers get checked for face-melting radioactivity if they have antennas built into the display, and that's just what happened to the dual-band Intel 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi radio inside this machine. Oh, and judging by our calculations (based on the size of that orange label), the unit could sport a 15-inch screen. Sweet.
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