How would you change Dell's Venue?

Sure, it's lacking the Pro moniker, but it's also lacking a built-in keyboard. A fair trade, we suppose. Dell's Venue is actually nothing at all like the once-titled Lightning, boasting a slate-style form factor and Android 2.2 in place of Windows Phone 7. To this day, it remains one of the few unlocked phones available for sale in the US with support for AT&T's 3G bands, and for those who missed out on the Nexus One (or just opted for this for any number of other reasons), we're curious to see how your experience with the Thunder has been. Were you impressed / let down by the Stage UI? How'd you manage the heft? Would you have tweaked the build materials any? Opted for WP7 over Froyo? Kept the Thunder name? We're guessing that Dell's still squarely in the learning phase when it comes to handset making, so go ahead and get real honest in comments below. Honestly.