HTC says Gingerbread coming to T-Mobile's G2, exactly when remains a mystery

We wouldn't blame you if you'd snatched up T-Mobile's G2 citing quick Android upgrades as motivation. Given HTC's reputation and the phone's nearly stock build, a timely Gingerbread release seemed likely following the introduction of the halo device. In a cruel maneuver only bound to heighten anticipation, an HTC spokesperson confirmed with Computer World that Google's spicy treat is coming to G2 owners -- just not quite yet. We're told to expect the update this quarter (which means anytime between today and June), and while readers were rather accepting of some upgrade latency in our "How would you change..." segment from December, we're well aware of the growing clamor. The manufacturer wasn't specific on version numbers, so we're left hoping this great wait brings the 2.4 variant of Gingerbread. It never hurts to be optimistic, right?