Overclocked Remix releases free Sonic: The Sound of Speed album

Though your memory of Sonic the Hedgehog may have tarnished over the past few, murky years, we'd wager you've lost no love for the franchise's earliest anthems. If that is indeed the case, you'll be pleased to introduce your ears to Overclocked Remix's latest, totally free project: The Sound of Speed, a tribute album for the original Sonic the Hedgehog featuring 13 original arrangements based on Masato Nakamura's iconic score.

Did we mention that it's free? We're fairly certain that we did, but we were confused, because you're still sitting here, reading this, instead of visiting OC Remix's site, and downloading, and listening. Did you miss the link? Look, here it is again. We literally can't think of anything else we can do. Help us help you.