Faxion Online commercial gets to the heart of conflict

Justin Olivetti
J. Olivetti|04.20.11

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Faxion Online commercial gets to the heart of conflict
"We know conflict," a new ad for Faxion Online says, and boy do they ever! The tongue-in-cheek spot shows a fictional (or is it?) day at UTV True Games, where a frisky pirate and an arrogant ninja happen to walk into the same elevator. What happens next can only be seen, not described, although we would not blame you for weeping out of awe.

The commercial highlights the spirit of PvP that lies at the core of Faxion Online, an upcoming MMO that pits angelic players vs. their demonic counterparts. The same sense of humor that comes through in this ad runs rampant throughout the game, as players war over zones themed after the seven deadly sins.

Currently, Faxion is in open beta. You can watch the full carnage of this video after the jump.

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