Arbonata Light Table classes up LEDs and dining rooms

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Arbonata Light Table classes up LEDs and dining rooms
Here's a solution for adding a little techno-flare to your furniture that's a bit more subtle than cramming computer parts into a coffee table. The Arbonata Light Table, available from nKcharms at the source link, impregnates stylish slabs of wood with over 1,700 LEDs arranged in the shape of a tree. According to designer Dennis Vetu, it's some sort of metaphor for the circle of life -- as he explains on the Arbonata site, "tree becomes wood, becomes light." Artsy prattle aside, we couldn't imagine sitting down to a ramen dinner on a classier surface. If you're not partial to branches and leaves though, nKcharms will work with customers to create unique designs. We might just order one emblazoned with a glowing Engadget logo. Sadly, there's no price listed, but then again, if you have to ask.... Don't miss the gallery below.

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