Greenwich, Conn., Apple Store closed temporarily due to flooding

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Greenwich, Conn., Apple Store closed temporarily due to flooding

A mishap at a Greenwich, Conn., Apple Store resulted in the activation of the sprinkler system and significant water damage to the building. A cleaning crew working Tuesday night accidentally dislodged a sprinkler head, which activated the sprinkler system and fire alarm. Within minutes, the city's fire department responded to the call, but the main floor and two sub-basements were already flooded.

The store was closed and initially determined to be unfit for occupancy due to possible damage to the electrical wiring in the building. The building was deemed safe by Greenwich building inspectors on Wednesday, but remains closed indefinitely while Apple begins the arduous cleanup process. Store employees would not comment on the loss of electronic equipment from the flooding, but it is expected to be extensive.

This is not the first mishap for the beleaguered store, which opened in 2009. The Greenwich store made headlines in December 2010 when a break-in resulted in the loss of hardware estimated to be worth more than $10,000.

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