Newest Vindictus patch goes big time

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|04.22.11

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Newest Vindictus patch goes big time
Size matters. It's practically a law of nature -- the bigger something is, the better loot it drops. Well, all right, maybe that's not a law of nature, but it is a law of MMOs and certainly a law of Vindictus. The game's latest titantic update has just gone live, bringing with it the appropriately named Titan raid boss. And the enormous boss is certainly a big part of the newest update, but there are other ways for characters to live large in the patch even without facing the Titan.

Resenlian's Labyrinth has been added to the game, allowing players a chance to face off against a variety of foes including the deepest fears within each character for sizable rewards. Evie's staff skills have also received a big improvement, and the new merged dock system will allow for a massively easier time when it comes to travel. Vindictus players can check out all the details on the gargantuan patch from the patch notes, as well as see the upcoming events for the game.
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