Windows Phone and BlackBerry struggle to attract developer attention

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Windows Phone and BlackBerry struggle to attract developer attention
We're taking this with a grain of salt, since it applies only to users of the cross-platform Appcelerator Titanium development environment, but it appears that Windows Phone 7 is facing an increasingly uphill battle for mobile mind-share. At this point it should go without saying that a platform lives and dies by its developers and, according to Appcelerator, they're growing less and less interested in creating apps for Microsoft's smartphone OS. Only 29-percent of devs responded to the company's quarterly survey that they were "very interested" in putting their wares on WP7, a fall of 7 points from last quarter and far less than market leaders Android and iOS. News is even worse for RIM, which saw a fall of 11-points in developer interest for BlackBerry, and now trails the folks from Redmond. Again, this survey is based only on the responses of 2,760 developers using a particular product, so we'd refrain from calling the results incontrovertible. Still, it reinforces something that even a casual observer could discern: BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 have a tough row to hoe. Two more charts after the break.

WP7 Chart
Developer Interest History Chart
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