Hands-on and unboxing the InfiniTV 4 v2

There isn't much new about the second generation of the InfiniTV 4, but that didn't stop us from appreciating the new box and revised design. You have to look pretty hard to find the differences because while they're there, they are subtle. The card is slimmer and obviously simpler, and Ceton went with a new dongle connector that now sits flush with the plate and doesn't get in the way anymore when switching it to low profile mode.The original card had a bit of a identity crisis with Ceton brands on the front and back, but the new one is InfiniTV all over. Obviously the biggest improvement is Ceton's new found ability to produce enough of these cards to meet demand, but we'll be putting it through it's paces just in case while we wait for the other anticipated CableCARD tuners to hit the street.