HTC Surround users getting NoDo, Samsung Omnia 7 and Focus owners sticking to scissors and glue

Despite Microsoft overcoming some initial hurdles with NoDo's rollout, its latest round of updates suggest Windows Phone is taking one step forward (and two steps back) with delivering copy / paste functionality to everyone. As encouragement, the company began delivering NoDo for HTC's Surround today -- which we're really hoping doesn't necessitate a follow-up story. Meanwhile, rollouts to Samsung's Omnia 7 are on hold due to technical issues, and some Focus owners aren't receiving the update properly, supposedly due to different supplies of flash memory. In both cases, MS insists it's working on a solution. Lastly -- just when you'd thought we'd covered all the Windows Phone news fit to publish -- Microsoft is releasing an important security update which corrects digital certificates that may be used to spoof provider content. Let's just hope the vulnerability can be fixed without that much fanfare.