AT&T affirms: Windows Phone 7 NoDo rollouts start today for Focus and Quantum owners

What's this, a rollout hitting as planned? Believe it or not, the leaked memo we spotted a few days back has now proven true, with Microsoft's long-awaited NoDo update (complete with copy-and-paste) being pushed out today for select LG Quantum and Samsung Focus users. The update itself has been looping around for some time, but this marks the first launch of it on AT&T's airwaves. We've confirmed with the carrier that the folks in Redmond are indeed pushing it out as we speak, but there's no word yet on how long it'll take for everyone to get served. Let us know how the new build's treating you in comments below... should you be lucky enough to get it, that is.

[Thanks, Sean]

Update: Microsoft also confirms this rollout, and says that the update is currently being tested on the HTC Surround. Thanks, Jeff G.!

Update 2: In case the upload speed is restricted on your updated Focus, wpcentral has published an easy how-to on reactivating HSUPA. Thanks, zblack!