Impossible announces PX 680 Color Shade film for Polaroid 600 cameras, shows Instagram how it's really done

Fortunately for photography buffs, Impossible's mission to revive Instant Integral film hasn't proven, well, impossible. And the company's latest film stock, PX 680 Color Shade, reminds us of those Hipstamatic and Instagram shots the kids like so much these days. Except, you know -- the aforementioned apps simulate old school photographic processes and equipment, while the new film achieves the same effect by using time-honored methods that remind us of the new school smartphone apps that ape time-honored photographic processes and equipment. Just thinking about it makes our heads hurt! If you've been waiting your whole life for the perfect Polaroid 600 color film, it's available now for $22. Hit the source link for more info (and some pretty awesome sample shots).