Best Buy wants your horrible DVDs and is willing to give you Blu-ray discs for them

If you're like us, you ran out into the yard and burned a pile of old DVDs in a giant bonfire the minute you bought a Blu-ray player. If you're of the more sentimental sort and held onto the things, however, now's probably a good time to cash-in. Best Buy has launched a Trade & Save promotion, giving users $5 toward the purchase of a Blu-ray discs for each old DVD they bring into the store, without all of the limitations of Warner's DVD2Blu. Of course there are a few caveats here -- for one thing, it's got to be a genuine, commercially released title, so no home movies or BitTorrent rips of The Hurt Locker. The coupons are good only on select Blu-ray titles, and you can redeem five movies per visit through June 4th. Now if we can only find someone who'll take our HD DVDs.

[Thanks, Anthony]